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Motivational Speaker

Founder of O-Line Security

Founder of Operation Save the Kids

BS Criminal Justice

MS Cyber Forensics | Incident Response

The story of a college student who did what they needed to do, graduated, but still couldn’t get into their career. Months go by and they still can’t secure their dream job, or get any closer to their life goals. Despite being president of organizations, despite the internships with lawyers, or getting ready to graduate among the top of my class there was still no hope of employment.

After I changed my mindset, there were moments I wanted to give up and settle for whatever came my way. But a plethora of self-reflection, life-changing moments, and reasons why I couldn’t settle helped me to want more. They helped me to physically change my mindset and believe I could be more, do more, and get more.

As soon as I understood that, I stopped crying over what did not happen yet. I started applying all the principles, skills, tactics, and processes I learned through all that I did in college. I held myself  accountable to do more until I had more. I was 21 years old when I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. I was 24 years old when I landed a six-figure salary. Today, I speak and show students how to leverage their college experience and education.

Today, I coach, motivate, speak, and passionately show how to do more even when we think we’ve done all we can.

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